I'm so happy to have you here!

I’m Bec and I’m a wife and a mum to four ( yes, I know, FOUR! ) kids. 

I’m a country girl at heart, was born in Tasmania and clean, organised cupboards make me happier than I care to admit.  Just like you, I know how fast time travels, how quickly they grow and how it feels that we only blink, and our sweet babies become curious little monkeys who talk back.

I really believe that family memories matter.

I don’t want to photograph you and your family sitting together, all smiling sweetly at the camera. I don’t even want you to notice the camera!  I just want to capture you at your happiest. Together.  If that means you’re giggling, bike riding, at a cafe or cooking up a storm with your favourites, then so be it. I’ll follow you around, looking as inconspicuous as possible, turning your favourite moments into memories that you’ll treasure.

I am a qualified, insured and registered child & family photographer based in the City of Casey, Melbourne.  I’m also very proud to be an accredited photographer with the AIPP.

I would love to help you tell  your story.

I take so much pride in finding and documenting the authenticity of each family’s story.
No two families are the same and I love seeing each story unfold as I watch through my lens.

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Are the little moments your favourite too?

How his little hand fits so perfectly in yours.
How you miss them the second they've walked out the door.
That sideways glance she gives you which always gets her out of mischief.
The endless pillow fights and jumping on the bed before the lights go out.
The love notes & artwork that you find in every drawer you open.
How her unruly, curly hair takes your breath away.
The swing rides and the “just ONE more!” swing rides.
The feeling you get after a long day when you know bedtime is near.
Cuddling up and reading your favourite childhood stories to them. 
The babychinos with the pink marshmallows. NEVER the white ones.
Making a hot cup of tea and switching on Netflix when it's finally quiet.

These everyday moments are endless and they are what makes you a family.
Your connection with one another is what makes your session special.
It breathes life in to it,  leaving you with real moments that you’ll treasure.
I believe the best photos are created when a genuine connection is made.
I strive for this with every session and every family I work with.

Your work is so breathtakingly beautiful Bec. I honestly never get tired of seeing it!
You are an inspiration not only to photographers, but also to mothers, to take in the beauty of the everyday.
— Kate Kennedy


My image "Splash a bit..." won best in the 'Daily Life' category in the 2016 Voice Collection by ClickinMoms.   Without doubt, one of my proudest photography moments.


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