What makes you happy?

In this three week workshop, you will learn the art of happy photos. You will identify with your ‘happy’ and learn how to use connection and storytelling to create timeless images both you and your clients will love.  I will challenge you to look beyond the photo and discover what it really is that makes your heart sing and focus on creating images that emulate that. I will discuss the techniques I use to create and see joy and teach you to photograph the happiness you enjoy in your everyday.

Learn how I use color and movement to help tell the story, stir emotion and create joyful images.  Discover how I connect with my clients both before and during the shoot and how this impacts the images I  achieve.  Discuss how to find your ‘trademark’ and what ultimately sets you apart from other photographers. Come behind the scenes on a photo shoot with me, see how I interact with a family and how I successfully capture ‘happy’ during a session.

Come away from this workshop with the ability to take the happiness you feel and translate it into happy photos that will always take you back to the moment.

After the workshop, assignment seat students will have two weeks to submit a collection of 10 images for me to critique, based on topics covered in the workshop and will receive detailed feedback. All students will receive a PDF of the workshop as well as an invitation to a private Facebook group to continue the discussion.

This three-week interactive online workshop consists of three assignments with personal critique and feedback. You will receive a video critique for all assignments (assignment participation students only).  During the course of this class, there will be two live webinars. This will give all students (assignment and non assignment seats) the opportunity to ask me questions about the lessons, photography and other topics.