Moments with her.

She’s my early riser. My book worm. The biggest sister.
Ask her a question and she’ll generally sit on the fence in fear of hurting someone’s feelings.
She loves bugs and frogs and dreams of being a vet.
She has an amazing ability to listen and to protect. And by this, she teaches me so many things.

She’s kind, thoughtful and messy. So messy! When her inner artist takes hold – there is no persuading her to use one texta at a time. 
Every colour is out. Every lid is off. And the results will always take pride of place on my fridge.

As my eldest, I fear she sometimes gets lost in the little ones and what they need; so this particular morning, I whispered to her “Would you like to go down to the beach? Just you and me?”

I won’t forget the way her eyes lit up, the skip in her step and the smile on my face as I watched her spinning on the beach, mostly in disbelief. She’s seven. SEVEN. And my mini-me in so many ways.

Pride is a given but with her, I mostly feel lucky.
And really happy that I made an effort to roll out of bed to watch the sunrise with her.

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