Every year - I look forward to and anticipate the chaos that November is for us. 
Two girls - two years & 1 week apart. I wouldn't say that we planned that very well!
But what it does mean, is that we celebrate, A LOT in November. 

This year, they turned six and eight.  It has been weeks and weeks, months even of "how many sleeps now Mum?", "Am I nearly six?", "Turning eight is better than turning six you know!"....

But anyone who knows me would know that birthday are my favourite. I love the confetti and their smiles, the joy leading up to it, their excitement about the chalkboard and the endless notes I find through the house with a countdown and hints about what present they're wishing for. And as much as I wish they'd stay small sometimes, I love that they grow. A little bit every year, making me a mum to these little people with personalities so big, I can't believe my luck. 

This year, I said "no parties.."  Absolutely no way, under any circumstances.  We were just going to have family at home for tea with a birthday cake and a few pressies.... And then my husband got involved. 

...So we had a party. And not just any party, but a surprise one, with two surprise pony's in the front paddock with their little friends from school. So much for no party! 

Did I stress about organising it? A little. But I loved every second. There really is nothing like watching them being celebrated by people who love them. 

So happy birthday to our beautiful girls.
Our life is louder, crazier and WAY more wonderful because of you. 

...and this post is late because birthdays like these are exhausting ;)