I love the holidays and this time of year.  I love having them home every morning, listening to their conversations with each other and having them all to myself without school and routines and places to be. I love organising the house after the Christmas rush and starting the year fresh. 

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Like all holidays, it went too fast. There was missing shoes and lost entry cards into a theme park, a flat tyre, the kids winged more times than we care to remember and there was one trip to the local doctors. It also took us one hour to lug the bags and overtired kids from the terminal to the car on the way home...

But more memorably, goggles were called gaggles which lead to giggles, our little daredevil forced us to go on ALL the roller coasters where her height allowed, we won best family dancers at the kids club disco, Holly magically found us and entertained the kids every morning, and we swam, laughed, played and listened to the kids Christmas lists which changed every day. It was the best. 

And just to show that I was there and not just behind the camera…I’ve included my new favourite photo of the kids and I taken by my wonderfully talented husband who tells me he’ll me opening his own instagram account called ‘I take better photos than my wife' very soon! No doubt he'll ask me to set up the camera up and edit the photos then too...  ;) 

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Every year - I look forward to and anticipate the chaos that November is for us. 
Two girls - two years & 1 week apart. I wouldn't say that we planned that very well!
But what it does mean, is that we celebrate, A LOT in November. 

This year, they turned six and eight.  It has been weeks and weeks, months even of "how many sleeps now Mum?", "Am I nearly six?", "Turning eight is better than turning six you know!"....

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I stepped away from my usual subjects last week and photographed a stunning home in Eltham styled by the very talented 'Alison Lewis Interiors' in Melbourne. 

Photographing such beauty not only allowed for beautiful photos but also inspired me for my own home which in turn, has my husband a little bit worried!  If you're looking for an interior designer who certainly knows what she's doing - Alison Lewis is definitely your girl. You can see more of her stylish work and get in touch with her here.

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